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Robert Lee Riley CPA MBA-tax
Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor

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FTB: California Franchise Tax Board.

EDD: California Employment Development Department.


Bookkeeping, Banking, Budgeting, and Saving for Retirement.

Tax Saving Strategies for Individuals.

Tax Saving Strategies for Businesses.

What to Look for in your Business Financial Statement.

Crisis Management.

Tax Dangers and Annoyances.

Why Should I Incorporate?

The Importance of Designating a Beneficiary of your IRA.

Becoming a parent.

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Lee is an entrepreneur’s accountant/CPA. He’s tech savvy and has the business smarts that make it easy to focus on your business.
Joseph Loll, President
Blaxo Industries Inc.

I have been employing Lee Riley’s services for 13 years and find his prices to be very reasonable. 
As a young single woman who had never been well-versed in tax preparation, I have come to rely on Lee’s expert tax preparation and advice, particularly regarding business ventures. Lee has consistently prepared my tax returns with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy.  Lacking background in accounting, I can honestly say that I feel very confident working with Lee because of his inherent patience and his ability to explain tax issues in plain language. Also, of great benefit to me are his suggestions on how to organize my record keeping for efficient processing (particularly including useful information I have learned when attending Lee's seminars).  I decidedly recommend him.
Flora Errico
email address available upon request

We always appreciate Lee Riley's conservative and ethical approach to our finances and taxes.  He keeps us on a growth strategy without the sleepless nights. Perhaps that is why we have worked with him about 17 years. Lee Riley has always provided us the prompt, professional and best approach to our financial overview and yearly tax preparations.  He has handled the complexities of multi-state returns as well as stock options, retirements, and small business.
Joel Lamp, and Rebecca Goforth

Lee Riley has saved us a tremendous amount of money in taxes each year!  He has knowledge of all the tax laws and is quick to respond to any tax questions we have!  He has a huge wealth of knowledge on personal, business and
non profit tax structures!
Marcella Churchill

I found Lee Riley through his work with the Small Business Administration when I started my first small business in San Francisco.
He was invaluable in guiding me through the steps of corporate finance and filings, tax issues, funding options, and financial operations. I have used him since for both personal and corporate tax submissions. He has provided me with advice and saved me a lot financially.
Mike Fedor, Health Care Executive and owner of It's A Grind Coffee House, San Francisco

Lee Riley has been my accountant for about 30 years. His year end tax returns have always been timely and accurate.
Henry Merten, Realtor, Real Estate Investor

Upon recommendation of a friend, I went to one of Lee's classes.  I learned a great deal in this class and also found it interesting across a variety of business topics so decided to meet him in person. While I had used different accountants in the past, I merely handed them over lots of paperwork and left it at that to be completed. When challenges to these filings came up afterwards I had no idea where to start understanding my own details. In working with Lee,
I took more responsibility in understanding my own financials, tax implications, and he was always immediately responsive on any questions I had across his areas of experience. I would highly recommend working with Lee.

I hate taxes.  In fact, I dread them.  Lee makes them appear effortless. 
When I am in a panic, his confidence, experience and calm personality put me at ease.  He knows exactly what needs to be done and is a genius at these small business issues I face on a daily basis.
Eric Corey Freed
Principal, organicARCHITECT
Author, "Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies"

Lee Riley has been doing our taxes for over 20 years.  Over that period of time he has always been timely, responsive and able to offer sage advice
as our returns got more complicated. He is a trusted advisor. 
David and Linda Carroll
White Wing Development

Lee has been helping me for quite some time - well before the first sale at my business. 
He helped me get Quickbooks set up which enabled me to start entering transactions right away. But it is his tax preparation which has given us the most beneficial results.  My husband and I have an extremely complicated tax situation and Lee has helped us out tremendously in many ways, including by getting us very large tax refunds.  We are forever grateful for his expert services.
Jean Rashleger

Thank you for great service and for all the referrals. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
Gabriel Vaturi
Windfall Catering, San Francisco
(415) 309-0341

I feel very lucky to have had Lee Riley as my tax accountant for many years.  I value his advice and his professional thoroughness in dealing with my involved account. 
His fees are fair and I certainly feel I'm getting my money's worth with Lee.  And it is always a pleasure to sit down with him when I pass on my box of receipts once a year.
Bill Jones

We have retained the professional services of Lee Riley for the past eight years.  Mr. Riley is an extremely competent, efficient, and kind CPA.  My husband and I have enjoyed working with him and plan to continue our professional relationship with him.
Neither my husband nor I profess to be that financially savvy.  Lee has definitely guided us in this area and because of him and his gentle guidance we have a SEP plan in place for our small business, we use QuickBooks religiously to track all personal and business expenditures, and we are currently setting up an HSA plan to reduce our medical insurance costs. Lee has greatly aided us in reducing our tax liability.  His website is an excellent reference and is a wonderful tutorial for those interested in reducing their tax burden and for those interested in finding out more about the U.S. tax code. Finally, we have had many questions over the years due to real estate purchases and sales, foreign investments, and various other tax questions.  Lee has always answered all our questions with the utmost promptness and courtesy. I have no hesitation in recommending him.  We greatly appreciate all his efforts.
M. de Jong
email available upon request

Brilliant, efficient and professional ---- are attributes that Lee’s clients of recent years would agree apply to his work.  I have been a client for 20 years when we actually met at his office to go over annual records.  Therefore, I can confirm that Lee is also personable, handsome and funny! Thanks to him I have never been audited by the IRS!
MJ Thomas
Hill & Company, Union Street

Lee has been an invaluable help to me over the years, handling
tax issues with the purchase and sale of companies, multiple state home ownership, international properties, and IRS audit.  All these variables were considered and the tax questions were handled cleanly, simply, with advantageous tax results.  I highly recommend Lee.
Cindy Osborn
The Entrepreneur's Source

Lee has been my tax accountant for over 15 years. He has earned my continued business through the effectiveness of his work on my returns.  I am so convinced of his thoroughness; I rest assured when referring new clients to him.
James de Tomasi, Insurance and Financial Services
1750 Montgomery St. Ste. 116
San Francisco, CA  94111
(415) 773-5377
Here is the schedule for my monthly seminars at Score and the SBA.

QuickBooks Class


If you run a business and you subscribe to the automate-everything philosophy of organizational efficiency (nods to Dave Allen of Getting Things Done and Mark Hurst of Bit Literacy) and you want to bring the same level of sophistication to that anxiety-driving area of accounting, bookkeeping and tax filing, then Lee Riley of Riley Accounting is your man.

Lee is also your man if you believe that the more data you store and make accessible electronically the more you can find opportunities that wouldn't exist in a paper-based process.  The IRS is subjecting your returns to these types of analyses to find problems, so why not harness the same concepts to avoid them in the first place?  The tax code is more complex and more subject to interpretation than a naive layperson such as myself might think.  The level of knowledge of the tax code is not what distinguishes a good CPA from a bad one.  The knowledge of how the taxing authorities apply the code and process returns is what creates this distinction.  If you want to hire a man who knows the system and empowers you, the business owner and tax payer, with the knowledge to make smart decisions, then Lee is your man.

Because of the way Lee works, you need to get your systems up to speed.  That means to convert from a filing system of receipt-stuffed drawers and bank statements scattered in random places replete with annual crises at tax time, to a system that holds everything electronically, and minus the crises.  Lee recommends QuickBooks (which I had some big resistance to because it looks old and clunky to me--I'm a Web2.0 software consultant) and NeatReceipts to scan your receipts.  Both run best on Windows, which was another point of resistance for me, but thanks to virtualization software it became manageable.  If you can't convert to this type of process, you may not be able to leverage its advantages and then Lee may not be your guy.  If you can, however, then bookkeeping and accounting loses not only its emotional charge but you get actual tax savings out of it, and Lee can help you most effectively.

Lee teaches seminars how to convert to this process and he's been exceedingly patient in meeting me for hours of his time to help me get up to speed.  He also publishes guidelines, fact sheets and very helpful hints that have been invaluable in guiding me through the myriad of choices of how to do things tax-wise and business-wise. He views this as an investment into an effective client relationship.  He's been responsive on email and in person in that regard, I'm aware of the overhead this creates on him, and it's in my own best interest to need less and less of his time.  Lee will tell you how it is, he's not the one to sugar coat, but he's friendly and patient.  Money and taxes can be a hugely emotional topic for many people, myself included.  Ask yourself what you want: a CPA or a psychologist.  Choose the best person for each area you need help with.  Don't expect both to come in the same person, because you'd get at best an average of either. All said and done, his fees are very reasonable.

Simply Awesome! I can not say enough good things about Lee. He has helped me get my new business up and running in more ways than I could have imagined. He is accurate, friendly, and understands the key issues many small businesses must address. I give him the highest possible recommendation. Call him, send him an email,
go to his Quickbooks class, you will not be disappointed!
Timothy Barlow

Lee Riley
does a better job of using technology than any CPA I have ever known.  He makes everything as efficient as possible throughout the entire process.
James White

I met Lee Riley at a business event nearly 7 years ago; he’s been my CPA since then.  He was very helpful in making sure that I had the correct legal entity, correctly pointing out that the LLC, which I had just formed, could incur substantial tax liabilities as a result of the California gross receipts tax on LLCs. 
Lee advised that I change my business entity to an S-corporation instead. This change has saved me many, many thousands of dollars in tax. I highly recommend Lee.
Dave Sutch , President
My Car Guy, Inc.
San Francisco

To really understand the tax issues that arise when you are a small business owner, you need a proper guide. I would not hesitate to recommend Lee Riley to help you in this way. Lee runs a series of inexpensive and quite invaluable seminars at San Francisco SCORE, focusing on maintaining tax records and avoiding the pitfalls of taxes for small businesses.
These seminars are quite informal and friendly, and require no sophisticated technical or financial knowledge. Lee focuses on your "top ten" list of things to remember and mistakes to avoid. I learned a lot in just a few hours in these seminars that I'm not sure I ever would have figured out on my own. I also rely on Lee to help me with my taxes every year and he has been extremely helpful in making sure I understand the ins and outs of my own return. Thank you, Lee!
Genevieve Conaty
Genevieve Conaty Design, San Francisco

Lee has been my accountant for both my family's personal taxes as well as my business taxes (consulting company, S-Corp) for the past 3-4 years.  He was extremely helpful in helping set up my business, coaching me on using Quickbooks, and answering many questions
above and beyond what I thought an accountant usually does.  He is very quick to respond to all my requests (and I am a bit needy), and very professional.  I would (and do) recommend Lee, especially for small business owner/operators.
Matt Lowe, Preventive Solutions

I have both worked with Lee on my own personal taxes/bookkeeping as well as on projects involving mutual clients.  He is extremely knowledgable and quickly points you in the direction that makes the most sense in terms of tax liability and in terms of administrative effort on the business-owners part. 
Lee is extremely personable and not the "stuffy accountant type" at all!  Probably the best thing about Lee is his knowledge of Quickbooks...by training you to do some of the work yourself, he automatically makes the accounting process more user-friendly and much much much more cost-effective.
     I highly recommend that you seek out Lee Riley for any accounting needs.
41 Hallam Street
San Francisco, California 94103
415.260.0947 (t)
415.829.8305 (f)

     I AM very hard to please.  As a small business owner, when someone
"gets it right", I appreciate it greatly.  Lee has been handling my books for nearly 10 years and from the quickbooks training, to the insightful guidance and time saving processes he has in place - he saves me time, hassle and fosters peace of mind and confidence I have never had before.
Other CPAs were difficul and non-responsive.  Not Lee.
     I love his automated systematic approach because it saves me time (something I have little of).  Lee's a trusted advisor to many through the courses he teaches at the SBA.  He is also a very savvy investor and great source for anyone seeking to get the most from their earnings with great clarity.  He makes the tax code EZ for anyone to follow and for that, he has my endorsement!
Craige Ackerman
415 730-3030

If you wish to send me a testimonial, I would be happy to  post it here.


Robert Lee Riley, CPA, MBA-tax